Portfolios & Watchlists

Portfolio and Watchlist tools

If you’ve got investments spread across different brokerage accounts, or just want to keep your eye on some stocks, it’s important to have an easy way to track your stocks.

StocksInValue offers users an unlimited number of ‘portfolios’ and ‘watchlists’ that they can create to record stock investments or stock ideas.

The portfolios and watchlists allow you to compare and measure your stocks through four different lenses:

  • Overview: key data on your stocks and portfolio, concerning your acquisition and profit to-date.
  • Key ratios: compare your portfolio stocks against common performance and price ratios.
  • SIV measurements: get our view on your stocks – their value, financial health and risk.
  • Potential gain: see our calculation of the potential gain, based on our forecast valuation and dividend yield.

Importantly, for any stock that you add to a portfolio or watchlist, you can choose to receive a ‘stock alert’ email, if the price of any stock changes significantly, or we change our valuation on the stock.