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The intrinsic value of a share is what it is actually worth, rather than what its price is on the share market. Intrinsic value is calculated through the use of valuation formulas which take into account the financial fundamentals of a business, and the amount of risk involved with investing in a particular company. A significant amount of information is required to establish this intrinsic value with any degree of accuracy.

Intrinsic value does not always remain the same. For instance, it is likely to change at least twice a year as a company reports its half and full year results. Indeed, intrinsic value may change more frequently due to corporate events such as company guidance, acquisitions, buybacks and capital raisings. Intrinsic value, however, does not change as much as that market prices change on the stock market.

Valuations can be made using many different methodologies, which can produce different results. Even when the same valuation methodology is adopted, where assumptions are required, the valuations will depend upon the sense and accuracy of input assumptions made by the investment team. That’s why StocksInValue is proud to be powered by one of the most successful investment teams in the country, Clime Asset Management.

The investment team from Clime Asset Management power and use StocksInValue. You too can access the same information, plus analysts’ commentaries to accompany those valuations. The hard work is all done for you in StocksInValue.