Model Portfolios

StocksInValue Model Portfolios

Selecting the right stocks is easy with StocksInValue.

Our members get exclusive access to two model portfolios (ASX and International) designed to assist with the difficult job of not only selecting stocks, but also to help to establish how much of your portfolio you might have invested at any time AND how much of an equity portfolio each stock might make up.

Our model portfolios detail the thinking behind portfolio weightings and the explaining of the risk/reward trade-off.

Working alongside our Fund Management partners, StocksInValue has not only built the model portfolio, but will track it’s development, movements in and out and importantly the reasons for these changes.

These are REAL model portfolios constructed as if we were actually managing your money, with a goal of generating a real return, not just punting to try and gain the highest return regardless of the risk involved.

This type of serious, considered analysis is what separates StocksInValue from the rest.

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