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Clime Asset ManagementClime Asset Management is a listed Australian equities funds management company (ASX:CIW), established in 1996.

Clime’s success has been built on a value investing methodology. When other fund managers were chasing leveraged positions before the GFC, Clime moved towards cash, because stock valuations didn’t stack-up. After the GFC, when others reduced equity investments, Clime had the conviction to make investments in ‘under-valued’ stocks. This sober, analytical approach – driven by fundamental analysis of good quality companies – is the same one used by the world’s most successful investor – Warren Buffett.

At the core of this success has been a stable and focused group of analysts. Their job has been assisted by the strength of the StocksInValue tool, which they themselves manage and use to make investment decisions within their team. As such, a subscription to StocksInValue provides you with the access to the valuations and analysis of one of Australia’s best performing funds team. Subscribers to our Professional service, gain further access to their thinking, with more detailed reporting and long term future forecasts of value.

“Our funds management team uses StocksInValue to derive clear, consistent and prudent valuation of stocks we invest in. This tool is the back-bone of our investment process; it uses an approach to value investing that I’ve adopted successfully for over 30 years”
John Abernethy, Chief Investment Officer at Clime

StocksInValue continues to co-locate its business with Clime Asset Management, so our client advisers and internal analysts maintain close access to the funds management team and the many insights they gain from research, management meetings and various institutional grade analytical tools.

For investors who don’t have the time or experience for making direct investment decisions, Clime offers a range of investment options. These include, individually managed accounts, a high performing Australian equities fund, and a recently launched international equity fund. Clime also offers an SMSF administration service. You can find out more about these products on the Clime website, and of course, can get a taste of Clime’s approach by trialling StocksInValue. During your trial, our client advisers can give you further detail on various investment options offered by Clime.

* Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Clime Asset Management, Analytical and Funds Management Team

The team at Clime are responsible for equities research, investment and portfolio management for >$550m across various funds, including a recently launched international fund. This team values >400 stocks in the StocksInValue system, including conducting the principle research, management interviews and analysis to determine appropriate forecasts and assumptions for those valuations. Lead by John Abernethy, this team has vast investment experience and a five-year track record of significant outperformance.

John Abernethy
John Abernethy – Chief Investment Officer

As Clime’s Chief Investment Officer, John Abernethy has overall responsibility for funds management. John has over 25 years experience in funds management. Prior to establishing Clime, John’s roles included ten years at NRMA Investments as the head of equities, where he successfully managed investment portfolios totalling $2 billion. John founded Clime (formerly Loftus Capital Partners) in 1996. Through Loftus Capital partners, he advised high net worth individuals on their investments and managed portfolios on their behalf.

Dr Vincent Chin – Senior Analyst

Vincent joined Clime in February 2009 and is an experienced equity research analyst and a specialist in quantitative analysis and valuation techniques. Before joining Clime, he gained his investment experience with Ausbil Dexia and Maxim Asset Management. Prior to this, Vincent completed 17 years of research and development in the semi-conductor industry.

Vincent’s key responsibilities consist of all the dealing and execution of trades, maintenance of the Required Return model for researched companies, portfolio performance, management and attribution analysis.

Vincent has a PhD Physics, MSc Physics, BSc Chemical Engineering, and F. Fin.

Vincent Chin
Stephen Wood
Stephen Wood – Senior Analyst

Stephen joined Clime in 2014 and is responsible for identifying investment opportunities across various sectors. Stephen has over 10 years’ experience in the finance industry. Most recently, Stephen worked as an Equity Research Analyst at Macquarie Group covering the banking sector. Prior to this, he worked with PwC as an Associate Director in their Corporate Value Advisory practice providing corporate advice to a broad range of companies.

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Applied Finance. He is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

Adrian Ezquerro – Senior Analyst

Adrian joined Clime Investment Management in April 2007. Adrian is responsible for identifying and evaluating investment opportunities across a broad range of sectors. Prior to joining Clime, Adrian held various positions in the sporting, FMCG and real estate industries.

Adrian holds a Bachelor of Science, a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and a Graduate Certificate of Sports Management.

Adrian Ezquerro
Matthew Koroi
Matthew Koroi – Analyst

Matthew joined Clime Investment Management Limited in May 2010 as a junior analyst.

His key responsibilities include the execution of allocation of portfolio trades, qualitative research and forecasting the sustainable NROE of researched companies.

Matthew is currently completing his B.Comm at the University of New South Wales.